Indian spices benefits are plenty and proven by several researchers around the world.

Indian spices benefits include not only wholesome flavour but also prevent several diseases by fighting free radicals and increasing your body’s Immunity.


Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, improve brain function, fight alzheimer’s and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.


Used in Ayurvedic medicine can reduce blood sugar and control the lipid, increase production of breast milk in mothers, reduce heartburn, improve metabolism and control Diabetes.


Well-known around the world and form a key ingredient in many Indian dishes, very effective against neurological and mental illness, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory conditions.


Very aromatic and has refreshing taste, reduce diabetes, relief from indigestion, common cold, diarrhea, for blood circulation and tension during menstruations.


Has the ability to increase the production of hydrochloric acid to help indigestion, flatulence and constipation. It is anti-bacterial, reduces blood pressure and contains Iron that is beneficial for the body.


Eases out digestive problems and reduces flatulence, relieve throat problems, Chest congestion and Gum infection. It is saving grace for Asthmatics, it’s a great ingredient for respiratory problems.


The plant’s seeds and leaves are often featured in HINDUSTHALI cuisine as both spice and garnish, it has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and help lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.


Contain Antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, rich in a nutrient called Selenium, the high source of Magnesium helps reducing the severity of asthma attacks and certain symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and lowering blood pressure.

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