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What a fabulous welcome the beautiful family that personally work this lovely place gave us!!!!
Why i mention this is because the food reflects this! The food is excellent…homemade quality using the highest standards of prep …low oil, freshly prepared spices …the smokey eggplant superb, and my fave, the okra fabulous. The wholewheat roti a wonderful foil for the curries
The sweet potato gulab jamun (that day’s special) superb!!!!

Gravatar Yolind James

We had an absolutely delicious meal last night. Every dish was a delight and served with warmth and in a very timely manner. The owner/chef was welcoming and wonderful to speak with as he told us a bit about his culinary journey. It was obvious that the all the food was prepared with love and attention to marvellous flavour. Although it was our first time, it definitely won’t be our last. I highly recommend enjoying this wonderful gem!

Gravatar Debbie

This is the first Indian restaurant that is so close to our heart. The food quality is 10/10, that makes you feel like home. Ambience is on point. Service is superfast 10/10. And their tandoor bread is one of a kind. One must definitely try this restaurant. If you are a person looking for excellent quality Indian food with a homely touch, this is the best place to visit in Montreal.

Gravatar sravani reddy

The food was honestly delicious. I thought the portion was small when I first got it but was very full at the end. The owner was very friendly and very passionate about the food he serves👌🏽👌🏽 AND I could eat with no worries knowing that it’s 100% vegan!! The place was also very warm and welcoming 👍🏼👍🏼 hands down the best Indian restaurant I’ve been!

Gravatar Jeremis Entabli

I spent my birthday here yesterday and it was perfect.
The food was absolutely delicious and the service was impeccable!! I am quite picky when rating restaurants (food & service-wise) as I have worked in catering before. Yet Hindusthali deserves an 11/10.
Tips: Make a reservation, they are popular! Bring a Tupperware to bring home any extra food (generous portions).
A new favorite. Thank you Hindusthali!!

Gravatar Esme Tardif

Fantastic Vegan food! Their Naan bread is unbelievably accurate to the regular non-vegan recipes flavour found in other places.

Gravatar Celestien Mahé

Delicious food served and cooked by the friendliest family. I cannot recommend this place enough! Perfect for vegetarians but everyone will love it.

Gravatar Chloe L

Delicious spot for thalis, and they do a fantastic job of retaining the flavors despite being vegan!

Gravatar Nandini Mazumdar

At last, our search for super amazing vegan “Thali” ended here. “Thali” is an integral part of Indian cuisine with super nutritious food covering all nutritional elements to make it a wholesome meal.

Gravatar Jay Mehta

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